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Southern Exteriors is a Full Service Landscape Lighting Company. We Install & Repair most brands of Landscape Lighting. We offer 3 different Tiers of Quality & Pricing on Hard Wired Landscape Lighting.

(1) Our first tier is a 1st Class, very Professional & very nice ARCHITECTURAL GRADE, Solid COPPER Brushed finish Energy Saving LED Landscape Lighting System with a *LIFETIME WARRANTY! 10 of our (MR16) Lights uses LESS ENERGY THAN (1) 50 Watt Light Bulb but produce a NICE BRIGHT 2700K Light! This System includes a VERY ATTRACTIVE, ARCHITECTURAL GRADE Water Proof Wall hung or Pedestal hung STAINLESS STEEL TRANSFORMER with LIGHTNING PROTECTION & a *LIFETIME WARRANTY! This Transformer comes with a Professional Timer installed & a MOVEABLE SELF CONTAINED PHOTO CELL that can be installed out in the Landscape. BOTTOM LINE: This is a STATE OF THE ART, VERY ATTRACTIVE, VERY WELL BUILT, SOLID COPPER, ARCHITECTURAL GRADE, HARD WIRED, LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTING SYSTEM WITH BRIGHT, ATTRACTIVE ENERGY SAVING 2700K LED BULBS!

(2) We offer a Second Tier PROFESSIONAL GRADE SOLID BRASS Energy Saving LED Landscape Lighting System that comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on all of the Lighting Fixtures! 10 of our Professional Series (MR16) Lights use less energy than (1) 50 Watt Light Bulb. The Professional Bulbs we use produce a bright, attractive 2700K Light! This System comes with a Very Solid Digital Transformer & a (1) year warranty. It has a built in all in one Timer & Photo Cell – the Photo Cell is not Extendable. BOTTOM LINE: This is a *GREAT LOOKING – SOLID BRASS, PROFESSIONAL GRADE, LOW VOLTAGE, HARD WIRED LIGHTING SYSTEM WITH BRIGHT, ATTRACTIVE, ENERGY SAVING LED BULBS!

(3) Our third tier is a Basic LED Lighting System made out of Aluminum with a Painted Black finish. The Lighting fixtures in this system work good but they are not made with heavy duty Copper or Brass like our Tier 1 & Tier 2 Lights. The Spot lights, Path Lights & Transformer in this System are not Architectural or Professional Grade (If directly stepped on the Ground stake that holds the lights up will break – over time, the paint on the Lights will fade & can chip). This Lighting System was designed to fit a very basic need – it was designed to be functional & affordable for anyone that needs security lighting. Having said that, the LED LIGHT BULBS IN THESE LIGHTS ARE PROFESSIONAL GRADE – THEY LOOK GREAT AGAINST A HOUSE & GIVE OFF A VERY ATTRACTIVE 2700K BRIGHT LIGHT. The Transformer that comes with this System works well & does its job but it is very basic. This System comes with a 90 day warranty. BOTTOM LINE: THIS IS A LOW BUDGET, NO FRILLS, PAINTED ALUMINUM, LED LIGHTING SYSTEM THAT ANYONE CAN AFFORD. THE LIGHTS WORK GOOD & COME WITH BRIGHT, ATTRACTIVE, PROFESSIONAL GRADE LED BULBS. *THERE IS NO PHOTO CELL ON THE TRANSFORMER & NO LIGHTNING OR SURGE PROTECTION.

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