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Bradley Property Services s located in Gulf Breeze FL. We offer a very Professional, affordable & complete House Washing, Window Washing & Driveway Cleaning Service.

House Washing: We utilize a very safe & effective soft wash, low pressure, detergent cleaning system – capable of reaching over 4 stories in height.

Details: We use a very specific, tried & true soft wash cleaning method to restore the cleanliness and luster to the exterior of your home. We use a 5 part (Proprietary) *Soft wash solution developed by a Carolina College Professor combined with a wide angle High Pressure rinse technique to meet the cleaning needs of your home. Soft Washing Houses is the only safe & affordable method to effectively clean the exterior of your home. Our very specialized cleaning equipment combined with our Proprietary cleaning solutions completely removes the Mold, Mildew & buildup on your home.

Traditional pressure washing methods use sheer force to blast away Mold, Mildew & grime from the exterior of your Home, Driveway & Patio. High Pressure Washing (which we use for Brick & Concrete) can severely damage Vinyl Siding & Wooden Homes. *Our gentle Soft Wash method not only cleans the exterior of your Home of mold and mildew but also inhibits their return by killing the dormant spores.

*Driveway, Sidewalk & Patio Cleaning method: We use a proprietary pre-soak cleaning solution & “dual pass” *4500 PSI, 4 gpm Commercial Concrete cleaning machines. Professional Power Washers using cold water recognize that it takes a 4000 PSI, 4 gpm or above machine to professionally clean Concrete. *Our 4500 PSI, 4 gpm Concrete surface cleaning machines obliterate the dirt. 

*Window Cleaning method: We use a 3 part process & the latest Technology in our Window Cleaning Systems. We utilize Advanced cleaning equipment & “Pure Water” Spot Free proprietary Window cleaning solution. Our System leaves Windows sparkling clean & water-repellent.

*Gutter Cleaning method: We utilize the latest Gutter Cleaning Tools including a High Pressure Gutter cleaning System.

As well as Window Washing, Driveway Cleaning & Pressure Washing – Bradley Property Services is also a Painting, Fence & Deck repair & Irrigation System Contractor.    

If we can help you in any way or you would like a Free Estimate please call us @ (850) 382-2730 or fill out our Contact Page


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